The Trendy Tadpole (review)

I just got the chance to do a second review for The Trendy Tadpole. About a year or so ago, I did a review and I had gotten a shirt for my son, and recently I was thinking about how much I liked the girls stuff too. So I am mighty grateful that I was given a chance to do another for my daughter!

I am the kind of mom who LOVES shirts with cute sayings on them. Personally, I cant get eno
ugh of them. Both of my kids have a bunch of them. If you are the same way, you will love The Trendy Tadpole.
The Trendy Tadpole offers onesies AND Tshirts. The fabric is super soft and durable. A plus for active kids. There are many choices for both boys and girls and with as cute as they are, the choice to choose just one is almost impossible.
If you are into Hip, Modern, and funny Tees, head over to The Trendy Tadpole and check out the selection of super cute shirts and onsies they have to offer.
My son still has the shirt I did the first review on. It still fits, it has NOT shrunk, the color has NOT faded, and it still looks brand new. The durability of these shirts is amazing to say the least. I asked for the next
size up so my daughter can wear it for a while yet, and I KNOW that it will last.
But don't just take my word for it, go grab some shirts of your own and experience the greatness of these shirts for yourself.


taysmommy said...

great review mama!!!!

~City Love... now, forever, always~ said...

That is SOOOOO stinkin cute!!!