Ragebaby (review)

If you havent noticed by now how much I absolutely LOVE cute shirts with sayings, then obviously you dont read my blog. I have done handfulls of reviews about them.
So recently I got the chance to do a review for and again, I'm in love with the sayings on the shirts. My daughter received a onesie and my son received a Tshirt and my daughter also received a baby tee. It's a little joke Tee to laugh about the additives being put into food these days, which is true, but also funny.
My Daughters onseie reads "I'm a pacifist" and my sons Tee reads "if you can read this, you're contaminating me" and the joke baby tee reads "Try it, it will put hair on your chest" which also has a picture of a bottle off to the side. I think they are all cute.
Ragebaby has a variety of boys and girls Tshirts and Onesies with many sayings.
They offer categories such as:
Nonconformist Baby and Toddler, Ragebaby Think Tank, Grumpy Baby and Toddler, Ragebaby Classics, and plain and simple.
Before I wrap this up, I just wanted to add a little note that the owner of RageBaby has been one of the nicest people to work with and is very understanding. Even being super busy, he made sure to contact me with all information needed.
So get your butts over to and check it out!