Potty Topper review (from neat solutions)

I, like many mothers, am on the go constantly and with two kids it makes it pretty hard on potty break time, especially when you got one of your kids going through potty training. Neat Solutions has come up with some pretty great ideas for people like us, who are on the go. I got the chance to review Potty Toppers. I must say, they are cute for something you put on the toilet.
Let me expla
in a little because right about now you are prolly asking yourself, "Is this woman mad?" Potty Toppers are cool toilet seat covers to protect little cheeks from germs and anything wet on the toilet seat. Potty Toppers are completely water proof so no matter whats on that seat, it wont get to your kiddos bum.
The neat thing about this particular item is that it also helps kids want to learn to use the potty. The neat designs they have will catch any "trainee" attention and will be curious about it. The designs are also a cool little motivation to get your kiddo to wa
nt to try the potty. The toilet is no longer scary when your looking down at Diego from Go Diego Go, or Dora from Dora the Explorer. Maybe your son/daughter is interested in Sesame Street or The Backyardigans. Either way, the designs is there for the choosing.
My son, who is almost 3, has been on the potty training adventure for almost SIX months n
ow. I have been having a really hard time with him. Almost as soon as I threw one of the Potty Toppers on the toilet seat, he was in the bathroom checking it out and telling me who was on it. That definitely got him interested in the potty and he isn't so skittish of the bathroom anymore. He actually takes random trips into the bathroom to see if there is a Potty Topper on the seat.
I have found this product very useful and encouraging and I believe everyone has
a use for at least one of these nifty ideas.
Table offers a variety of awesome disposable items that make everyday life with kids so much easier. Items such as The table Topper, The Floor Topper, XL changing pads, disposable bibs, and all in one meal kits. You cant go wrong with a product that is there to
help you with a busy day.
Head on over to and check out the products they have and all the designs they come in.

Table Toppers was generous enough to send me and extra package of Potty Toppers for one of my readers to win. However, The winner does not have a choice of design, It will be Dora The Explorer. It is a 10 pack of disposable seat covers With the Dora print. Wanna win it??
Here is what you gotta do: Head over to and tell me with item is your favorite and why. Thats it, very simple!

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Me me me!!! Yay first entry!! Maybe I'll get lucky and no one else will enter!!

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Belinda M said...

I like the xl changing pads. I hate the public washrooms changing tables because you are never sure how clean they are. Something like this would make any mom feel so much better

Belinda M said...

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