Little Missmatched (review)

I am the kind of person who looks for the next cool thing when it comes to kids clothes. So when I came across this website, Little MissMatched, I knew I was at the right place at the right time. The clothes they have to offer are so cute. I was given the chance to review some coveralls, marvelous blue/pink, which I chose. I love them, they are so darn cute and they look so cute on my daughter. I don't like plain old clothes. I like clothes with style, fashion, and an up to date look. I also seek durability and comfort in my kids clothes. With the Little MissMatched coveralls, the material was breathable, and wasn't all scratchy and rough. They didn't seem to lose there shape like some clothes do after being warn for a while. My daughter seemed very happy wearing the coveralls. When she wears things that bother her, she does let me know with a nice yell. I think she enjoyed playing with the snaps to be honest with you. She also couldn't keep her eyes off the colors and patterns. I too was amazed when I first saw the coveralls. The colors caught my attention right away and the patterns stood out really nice.
If you check out Little MissMatched, you will find plenty of items t
hat will catch your eye. Such fabulous color combinations and patterns that are so cute. Little MissMatched offers items such as coveralls, socks, tights, kimonos, hats, pajamas, onesies, bibs, and receiving blankets. They also offer flip flops, tanks & undies, T-shirts, and winter wear. Head over to Little MissMatched and discover for yourself, what I an telling you.