Piggy Paint (review)

Not until two days ago did I realize how hard it would be to paint my 6 month old daughters piggys and finger nails................. so I painted my own piggys. Made me feel like a little girl all over again.

I recently received a wonderful product called Piggy Paint, which is all natural nail polish. I had looked high and low for non-toxic nail polish for my da
ughter and found nothing (starting to become a trend for me). Until I came across this site, I thought I would never find what I was looking for. At first I had my doubts and figured it was another one of those bogus deals, but I looked over the ENTIRE site and read everything I could and it then seemed legit to me. So right away I contacted the site owner and requested a chance to do a review and the owner gladly excepted my request and promptly sent me product to review.

As soon as I got it, I basically ripped the box open with excitement. There it was, my very own NON-TOXIC nail polish. I must say it was an awesome color too. Also in that mangled box was a bottle of Piggy Paint remover, also NATURAL AS MUD, as they say. I can't tell you enough good things about both products. T
he nail polish has almost no odor what so ever and the remover is not harsh like the regular stuff. To be honest with you, the natural remover works A LOT better than the stinky stuff anyways, so what would you choose? I know the answer is simple for me ;)

The piggy paint is quick drying and lasts for a decent time too. However, being as it is for little ones, I dont expect it to last long on my piggys with al
l the wear and tear the poor things get.

And again as a special gift to my readers Piggy Paint has offered:
15% off any item on their website INCLUDING sale items with this code SAND15 L
which expires J
uly 31st 2009. so make sure you get the benefits of this offer.
Also if you spend $25 you get free shipping!