Buffet Star; Vestal NY REVIEW

Not from me you will not get a good one.
Twice my family and I ventured to that restaurant and twice we had HORRIBLE experiences!
The first day we went was the day after opening day. It was busy, which is to be expected. Its the new restaurant in town, everyone's is gonna wanna try it. We went there knowing this, but when you have a family of four, 2 adults and 2 young children, and are placed at a TWO PERSON table, that's a little ridiculous. The waitress took our drink order said she was off to get 2 high chairs and was never seen again. As I stood there holding my daughter waiting and watching everyone else enjoy their food, I was getting beyond pissed, to say the least. Hell the drink lady never even came around. So after 30 minutes of WAITING we decided to leave. As we were walking out front of the building i looked into the window and where we were suppose to be sitting the mysterious waitress reappeared and sat others at the same table. WTF!?! What if we were up getting food? We would have no place to sit. That was experience number 1.

Now the second time was just yesterday (2/1/2010)
We decided to give it another try. Not very many people were there this time, thankfully,
cause we were hungry. We had to ask 1 or the 8 waitresses standing at the checkout counter if someone was gonna seat us or if we needed to find our own table. We were finally seated after standing there looking foolish. We ordered our drinks and they brought us dirty Hot Tea cups, still with lipstick on one. My kids milk lid had dry soda on it, so far NOT GOOD!
We finally went to get some food. My fiance was fist then I got my kids food, then myself.
While my fiance was eating he started chewing on something hard. He spit out what was in his mouth and it appeared to be about 8 little pieces of ROCKS. He even chipped his tooth.
As I was eating I bit down on something hard myself. I picked it outta my mouth and it was ACTUALLY a freaking ROCK! It was about the size of my finger nail (pinky) ans I quickly looked through my kids food to make sure there was nothing of the sort in there food, god for bid. We told the waitress and 15 minutes later the lady who was in charge thought nothing of it and asked if it came from a certain food like she KNEW!!!! She said she would only charge us for one meal and to get new plates. My fiance was the fist to go and I sat picking through the food on my plate and decided to try a baby squid. Yeah, i pulled outta my mouth a piece of a straw that was INSIDE that particular squid. So My fiance went down to the same lady and complained to her and she says what? "Thats squid bone, all of them have it inside" BULLSHIT! I had 5 of them on my plate and not a single one of the others had that. I was so diqusted it wasnt even funny. I felt sick to my stomache and was just pissed off. We left immediately after that and I WILL NOT BE RETURNING!
So before you go to this place think about this.
Two HORRIBLE experiances.
So if you enjoy eating rocks and plastic feel free to try them, other wise I HIGHLY reccomend NOT GOING to this place!


Anonymous said...

I went to this restaurant and it was the totally opposite. Yes I know it's crowded but you have to expect that from a restaurant that just opened. I was there February 1st too around 6 o clock and the food was awesome like the first 3 times i went to this buffet. Not once have I had a bad experience or had rock in my food. You can also expect the three hostesses to be busy seating hundreds and hundreds of people. The by the way the "straw" in the squid is actually the cartillage and squid do have them. Overall, I think this Buffet is the best around and i will definately be returning many more times! I recommend this buffet to anyone looking for great food and service.

Hers and His Movies said...

Thanks for the heads up!! Im pretty sure none of the waitresses know how do to the hemlic maneuver so I don't want to risk my child choking to death on a straw or better yet a fricken rock that will tear up her stomach...

Nia_Leah said...

To your comment about the straw, it really was a straw! I know what a straw is, I know what one looks like. If you noticed I said I UNDERSTAND that they were busy, Hi! did u bother reading the whole thing? These were MY experiences and I wanted people to know what I went through!! PLUS more people have gone there, had diarrhea from the food, threw up afterward, like directly after and someone I know was there just last week and had cold food a waitress squeegeed soda all her bosses jacket and had to ask numerous time just for a soda refill, but ya the place must be great??