Baby Dipper

I recently won a Baby Dipper from Monkey Mayhem and while getting shipping arranged I asked the creator of this product to do a review for her. I love telling people about products I like/love and make recommendations to get one of their own.

The Baby Dipper is so great. It makes feeding baby VERY easy and the bowl is designed to stay put with its rubber grip on the bottom for easy on hand
ed feeding. It is wonderfully crafted so the food in the bowl "seeps" to the lower corner and the spoon that comes with the bowl fits right in there and that leaves NO MORE scraping or tilting to get the last bite.
What I like to do is just dump the jar of baby food right in the bowl and feed my daughter that way. That makes feeding time so much e
asier and I dont have to fight with the jar and scrap the sides, the Baby dipper does all the work for me. With having two kids, I can use all the help I can get in making anytime easier. Those with kids can agree with me on that Im sure.

The creator of the Baby Dipper is Barbara Schantz, who like myself, i
s also a stay at home mother. Where I have two kiddos, she has two sets of twins. (and it's a wonder she came up with this wonderful idea?) She too had issues with the standard bowls sold at the stores. Always slipping around making feeding time hard. I think This woman deserves some sort of an award. This has got to be one of the best products I have ever used.
The funny thing about the spoon, it has a rubber grip and when Im done feeding my daughter, she likes to grab it and play with it and has become a new teether. So I have found it to be multi-purpose. How cool is that??

If you are interested in having your own Baby Dipper, head over to and check it out for yourself. You will love this product as much as I do.